Why invest?

10 good reasons to invest in Portugal

Portugal is the place to invest, live, earn and relax,

. Lowest price per Sqm as compared to other developed European countries;

. High investment return due to high demand and market growth;

. Guaranteed rentals returns of 5% per annum;

. Portugal considered as “safe investment” by  leading Global Real Estate Funds;

. Ranking amongst the top 20 countries “to do business” by Forbes;

. Strategic gateway to international markets for business due to low cost operations;

. Tax benefit as non-habitual resident;

. Winner of 36 international awards including European Country and City Destination by World Travel;

. 3 business schools are listed on the Financial Times listing;

. Considered World’s best countries for “Quality of Life” for expats (low cost of living, low crime, friendly people, quality health care, sunny, nature reserves, mountains, beaches, varied leisure and amenities and delicious food);

. Ranked 4th most peaceful country on the Global Peace Index.

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